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TouchWorks, Leadington, Leamlara, Co. Cork
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Welcome to the TouchWorks Home Page. Here you can find out about TouchWorks and Sean Cullen and how he turns imagination into reality for many satisfied clients.

TouchWorks is the commercial vehicle through which Sean Cullen channels the result of many years of business and life experience into developing quality solutions for discerning businesses.

With services on offer from once-off bespoke work to the development of major shrink wrapped applications, TouchWorks has the capability and experience to deliver quality solutions
on time and on budget. Use the link buttons to find out more.

Unique Recession Offer!

We are now bartering for work. See our unique recession offer in the What We Do section.

Also we have
food to barter or exchange with other like minded people in Midleton, East Cork and surrounding areas.

See the Barter! Section for more details.

TouchWorks has developed:

Touchscreen EPoS for scanning outlets.
Back-Office Integration with point of sale.
Multi-Store solutions with head-office
TCP Communications Protocols
Job Costing & Billing Systems
Chip and Pin integration
Encryption systems for data security

TouchWorks has a proven track record in software development and programming, ask us for testimonials from our many satisfied customers. If you need a software engineer, then TouchWorks may be your answer.

Click Whats New? to find out about our new mobile PV solar array which generates up to 120 watts.
Sean Cullen has been engineering solutions since 1987. See the About Us section for more details.